Our Drinking Problem

Well, it's more like two problems.

First, we discovered the not-so-sweet truth: your average cocktail can pack up to 500 calories and 10 grams of sugar! Beer & wine isn't much better. Booze calories add up fast even on a high protein, low carb diet.

So, along with of our friends we started switching to lighter, cleaner cocktails like vodka & tequila mixed with Soda water. 

While those Vodka/Tequila sodas are great on the weight control front, they sure do get boring. Very boring. Where’s the taste, right? And one little squeeze of a lime doesn’t help much.

Our Drinking Solution

We made Booze Dust to turn vodka-soda into a sensation. Sort of like turning ‘vin ordinaire’ into a ‘grand cru.’ Even better, we made it so we can control the amount of taste without adding a single carb or calorie.

Simply mix a drink with your favorite spirits add some Booze Dust "Dustings" and voila!  You control the amount of taste by dusting your drink with shakes from a bottle and not a fixed amount from a messy foil package. It’s like controlling the amount of salt and pepper you like on a steak. We think 5 dustings is about right. But hey, go for more. Or less.

But sometimes I don't feel good the next day!

Remember I mentioned a second drinking problem?

Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it causes you to lose critical fluids and sodium from your body resulting in dehydration. Of all the potential evils, dehydration is the #1 super villain causing you to feel crummy the next day. Electrolytes are essential minerals that allow your cells to absorb the water you drink more efficiently

So we made Booze Dust to include powerful and generous amounts of the key electrolytes that keep you hydrated and feeling great the next day. Potassium, Magnesium and pink Himalayan Sea Salt are the main ones.  We’ve also added stuff to take care of & support your liver such as taurine, milk thistle, dihydromyricetin.

No, we can’t promise you’ll never feel anything the next morning. But we can promise that if you drink Booze Dust tonight, you'll feel better about it tomorrow.

So, that’s our story. Drinking problem admitted to. And solved.

-The Booze Dust Team

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